What is a Hip Pain?

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Hip Pain Macleod

Hip Pain are very common. These are the problem of nearly every adult and senior citizen, and even more surprisingly, children are also affected by this. Hip pain can occur due to different causes. In case you feel strong pains in hip, you should immediately go to a doctor or a physiotherapist in rosanna.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

Hip Pain do not necessarily mean to feel pain in the hip. This can also mean that you are experiencing pain in your:

  • Back/ Lower Back
  • Buttock Area
  • Thighs
  • Groin Area
  • Knees

It is not necessarily that pain in your hip is being caused by the hip. It can come from another source as will, which is known as referred pain. Hip Pain can be caused by the following everyday tasks:

  1. Climbing up or down the stairs
  2. Sitting or Standing too Long
  3. Exercising Heavy or Playing Sports

When should Your go to a Physiotherapist for Hip Pain?

There are some cases in which you should immediately go to a physiotherapist. These cases are mentioned below:

  • Sudden or Intense Hip Pain
  • Falling and experiencing Hip Pain or getting any injury on Hip
  • In case you feel like you cannot move your hips or legs
  • Incapability to exert weight on your leg
  • Any bleeding or swelling in hip or referred area
  • Child Hip pain
  • Hip bursitis treatment

Possible Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by many reasons. First is if you feel any soreness in the area of your hip. Usually, you feel soreness in the area when the area itself is the problem or your groin area is experiencing anything painful. In case you are experiencing pain around or outside hip, this summarizes the source of hip pain and cause is actually the hip joint, muscles, ligaments etc.

Some conditions beside this that cause hip pain are:

  • All types of Arthritis
  • Any Injury
  • Back/ Lower Back Problems
  • Thigh Bone Fracture or Strained Muscle
  • Inflamed Tendon
  • Infection
  • Pinched nerves in the hip area

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hip Pain

Doctors and especially physiotherapy rosanna can always figure out the source of the pain, the condition, and the possible treatment that should be given. Rosanna physios are specialized in the field of dealing with physical illnesses; they examine you and ask your history and ask you to walk or move to test which areas causes pain. Sometimes, you might also be suggested for X-ray and Blood tests. There are different treatment methods for different cases, some treatments are given as follows:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Anti-Inflammation Drugs/ Pain Killing Medicines
  • Ointments and Medicated Gels
  • Steroid Injections
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise techniques
  • Weight loss plan and exercise
  • Swimming/ Water Excersice

Other than this, you might also be suggested or referred to an orthopedic surgeon to assess your case for illnesses or pains that are too complex or require any surgery. You can easily find relief from pain by resting at home using heat or ice packs on the area and exercising gently regularly for the hip pain.

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