Podiatry Treatments Available For Heel Pain

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Heel pain Melbourne is one of the conditions most people experience but lot of people who experience it does not know the cause, prevention as well as a treatment which should be administered so as to manage the condition appropriately. One of the major causes of heel is Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Camberwell . This can be associated with heel spurs, heel bursitis and sometimes Achilles heel pain which is referred to as Achilles Tendonitis. Some people may complain of sharp heel pain. In this condition, we need to consider the possibility of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Your Podiatry care podiatrist can test for this.

What causes heel pain

There is a large ligament which exists under the sole of the foot. This usually start at the heel bone while extending into the ball of the foot. Any condition which result into excessive traction or pulling on this ligament make the ligament separate from the heel, fibre by fibre.

The gradual tearing of this ligament results into inflammation. A bone spur may form if this injury continues thereby causing the deposition of calcium near the heel in an attempt to glue the detached fibres back onto the heel. The bone spur does not have nerve endings and does not hurts but may be a sign that the painful inflammation has been present for some time.

What are common causes of heel pain?

  • Changing the footwear can alter forces on the plantar fascia
  • A recent weight gain can contribute to overloading
  • Increased activity level may also be a factor if the exercising loads have changed
  • Abnormal flattening of the foot arches can contribute to overloading
  • High arched or rigid feet may also experience an abnormal force on the plantar fascia
  • Another possible cause is nerve entrapment.


The treatment of heel pain generally occurs in stages. At the early stage of heel pain, aggressive calf muscle stretching should be started. Also, you need to take oral anti-inflammatory medication as well as over the counter drugs. The next stage of treatment might consist of continued calf muscle stretching exercises, cortisone injections and orthopaedic taping of the foot so as to support the arch. A qualified podiatrist Melbourne can put together a rehabilitation plan for you and may employ additional techniques such as shockwave therapy to assist in treatment.

However, a functional foot orthotics might be considered if this treatment fails. A functional orthotic is a device which is prescribed and fitted by your foot doctor, this fits in a normal shoe such as arch support. Unlike any kind of arch support, the orthotic corrects the abnormal pronation of the subtalar joint. Thus, orthotics Camberwell addresses the cause of the heel pain. It is not recommended to carry out surgery if orthotic treatment has failed.

Although, there are some exceptions to this course of treatment but it’s up to you and your doctor to determine the most appropriate treatment. If surgical treatment is used to correct heel pain, the patient would have to continue using orthotics.

The surgery will illuminate the pain but the process which cause the pain would continue if orthotics is not used. If orthotics has been prescribed before surgery, there is no need to undergo surgery again.

Podiatry Camberwell specializes in the treatment of heel pain and should be contacted for any form of heel pain regardless of whether it is an adult or a child.

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